privacy policy

Scope of the agreement

This service is provided by Socks SIA in Riga, Latvia ("we", "us"). By using the web application you agree to this privacy policy.

The service is provided for entertainment purposes only and must not be used for commercial or sensitive communications. Socks SIA is not responsible for any damages resulting from misuse of the service.


This agreement describes both the current use of your data and expected future changes to the service.

In this agreement, "option" refers to features that are not enabled by default and "opt out" refers to features that are enabled by default.

Data collection

We collect the email address of all users in order to provide reliable service. We do not share this email address with third parties and do not expose it to other users of the service.

When using Facebook or Twitter to create an account they provide us with your email address, as well as external account ID and your public profile (including, but not limited to full name and profile picture). We use both your email and your external account ID(s) to identify you. We do not currently use or share any other information received but we may store it.

When creating an account you will be assigned an internal account ID. This ID is random, permanent and public. You can also create and change a public display name that will be public and will be linked to your internal ID. In the future we are planning to list all internal IDs and display names, along with various game statistics, in public leaderboards. You will be able to opt out of this.

When creating a new "room" to play a game with a specific group of people it will be assigned a random room ID. This ID also serves as a secret key sufficient to enter the corresponding room and is a part of the URL that the room creator may share with the target group of people. In the future, more access controls may be added, as well as an option to show the room in a public list.

All actions in the room are recorded and stored on the server, including corresponding room and account IDs and any text you enter (words, room name). Some of this information is shared with other members of the room. We may provide an option to make some of this information public in the future.

We provide an option to use built in audio/video communication relay in the room. These live streams are currently available to everyone with the knowledge of the room ID. In the future, more access controls may be added. The live streams are not currently recorded but we may add an option to record streams and share the recordings publicly.

We log all HTTP requests made to the servers. These logs include your IP address and browser information.

Data storage

All information is stored on servers located in the European Union in accordance with EU law.

Servers outside the EU may be available for media stream relay only. In this case the administrator of the room will be provided with the choice of the country/region to use.

Third parties and tracking

Except for data made public by you, we do not share your data with any third parties except for purposes explained below. We do not use any third party tracking scripts or cookies to log visits or actions on the site.

We do use Sentry to log errors occurring on the site. These error reports may include your internal account ID, as well as a log of events leading up to the error. This information may incidentally include some of other data belonging to you but it is not indexed or used for any purpose other than to identify error conditions.

Updates to the agreement

This privacy policy can be updated at any time. We will notify you about any significant changes at least seven days in advance.