Shlyapa - TheHat Game

Disclaimer. There are many different variations of game rules for TheHat in the wild, and any random company may default to different things.

GAME refers to TheHatGame as such; MATCH means one play with unchanging player teams/pairs; SET means part of the match with a fixed ruleset (there are game rule variants, where the match is composed of multiple game sets, with different in-set rules). ROUND means one timed interaction between players in one pair or team.

This application presents an old sweet variant:

  • words are user-generated;
  • game is played in pairs, randomised for every match (game mechanics allow to pair an uneven number of players;
  • match lasts until all words are guessed;
  • match lasts one set only (the 'Alias' set).

Preparation and starting of the game:

Administrator visits webpage and creates a new game room. Now it is possible to tweak some options:

  • how many players compose a team
  • how many words per player are required
  • how many seconds lasts one round
  • how many seconds are left between rounds

After creating the room the URL in the address line should be shared to other players, they can join the room using this URL. As soon as all players have joined the room and entered their desired words, the administrator must press the Start game button, pairs (teams) will be assigned randomly. In the case of an odd number of players one player will be a member of two pairs.

Before the beginning of the first round admin may reroll pairs/teams by using the reroll, button (usual reason is someone being unhappy with rolled pairs).

The gameplay.

Before every round a countdown is run (preparation time is set by admin, default is 30 secs).

If players are ready they may use the Ready button, as soon as both have used it - countdown timer is reset to 3 secs.

If countdown must be stopped for whatever reason, the preparing team may use the Pause button.

As soon as round begins a randomly chosen word from TheHat is shown to one player (LEAD), which said player must explain to his/her partner. If the partner guesses the word, LEAD must press the Guessed button, which shows him/her next word, this goes on till the end of the round. If player is unable to explain the displayed word, or understands that rules have been violated, he/she must press the Give up button, resulting in immediate ending of the current round and returning of displayed word into TheHat. Giving up always finishes current round and passes the lead to the next pair.

If Guessed has been pressed by an error or explanation violates rules, erroreus word can be removed from account by pressing the Remove button. Respective entry will become strikethrough. players can undo this by pressing on strikethrough entry.

As soon as round time ends LEAD must stop explaining. Partner (or team) has 5 additional seconds to make one last guess. After that the break begins and turn (right-of-play) is passed to next pair (team).

Default requirements for words used:

  • One card (entry) = one word. Compound nouns connected by dash (i.e. mother-in-law) are considered a single word, if it is in common usage. if it's written with a space in it - it's off limits.
  • Words should be a common noun in its basic form (singular, nominative).
  • No names or proper nouns (if it begins with a capital letter - it's not OK).
  • Words should be _existing_. At least - searchable by google.

However - it's wise to discuss with your company any additional rules: if special terminology is allowed, what about neologisms, obscene expressions, etc. If you prefer playing with persons and literary heroes, or with any alternate ruleset - you may do so, just get a consent from other players.

Rules for explaining:

  • You may use words only. No gestures or pointing to things.
  • You may explain the meaning of the word, context, any associations or make up the word from independent 'parts' - your partner must say the correct word.
  • You may not use words with the same root.
  • You may not use direct translation (like explaining table through german das Tisch).
  • You may refer to origins or etymology of words and use "reverse translation" - i.e. "it sounds like and stems from old german bench or italian table" is OK for explaining bank.
  • If you're explaining a part of a word - you may not say that part aloud (i.e. if you're explaining marxism, you should not say "it ends the same as capitalism"). basically - for each part explained you should apply the same rules as for the whole word.
  • The same applies to explanation through rhymes and soundalikes - you should explain the soundalike like the word itself (you may not explain bank as "sounds like bench", you may say "it sounds like a type of sitting furniture").
  • You should not refer to lettering of the word (explanations like "five letters", "it begins with first letter of alphabet", "round letter" are forbidden).

Of course all of the above is subject to change or expand if the whole playing company decides so.

Have a great game!